Friday, 18 May 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: Share 5 Releases From When You First Got Into The Fashion

I bought my first lolita items in 2012, a whopping six years ago. It’s been heaps of fun and there have been many trends come in and out of style as well as loads different pretty things to buy and just admire. So this week’s LBC topic seemed like a great way to have a look at what wat happening in lolita when I was starting out. I’m not going to talk about prints that we already know I love, like Dim Light or Chocolate Rosette, but instead I wanted to highlight some prints that came out in 2012 that I still think are really lovely.

I didn’t know until writing this post that Alice Mirage in Paradox by BTSSB was released in 2012 so I was kind of excited to find that out! This is a print that piques my interest every time I see it for sale at a decent price, but given that I’m too large for it currently I always pass over. I just love the frames coupled with the unusual graphic tartan background; there’s really no other print quite like it.

Similarly, over time I’ve been gradually falling in over with Angelic Pretty’s Sweet Cream House. It’s so ridiculously busy, but manages to still look somewhat simple at the same time, probably due to it being such a tall border print. I especially love it in the pastel colourways and would love to own it in mint. I probably never will though, damn you AP for being too short for me!

Another Baby, the Stars Shine Bright print from 2012 that I love is The Secret Garden. Both now, and definitely back in 2012, it’s very much not the kind of thing I wear, but it’s just so beautiful! I also love the whole concept of book illustration prints and would love to see more of this done. Speaking of Frances Hodgson Burnett book prints though, if any brand ever releases an A Little Princess or Little Lord Fauntelroy print I think I’d have to buy it immediately. Especially if it was by Innocent World. Oh my. I want this. I didn’t realise how badly I want this.

Ahem. Enough rambling about things I want that don’t exist, on to sharing more pretty prints! Next is Innocent World’s Alencon series, which is something I love because it’s so detailed, yet so simple. Though the print is complicated the overall effect is not, and that’s something that I really enjoy in lolita. Details balanced by simplicity, best combo.

I also wanted to feature a release from an indie brand but had trouble tracking down that I remember admiring at the time. Then I remembered Lady Sloth’s Silk Cherubims series. I actually used to own a fancy version of the JSK from this series, and it’s something I actually kind of regret selling. Dark, opulent classic…I haven’t owned anything like it since. I also couldn't find a stock photo, but I think this is a well known enough peice that I don't need to really show one.

Overall I loved a lot of things that came out when I started lolita. Like a lot of people, I’m pretty nostalgic for the general 2011-2013 period. But then, if you’d asked me to do this for literally any year, I’d be able to find things I love and would really like to own. So I guess what I’m trying to say, inasmuch as I’m trying to say anything really, is that lolita is great. There’ so many amazing things being released each and every year that there’s something for everyone, all the time, and I think that’s fantastic.

As a final note I want to say that I found Luna Rain’s print discussion posts really helpful in jogging my memory about what prints came out in 2012! So yeah, check out her archives, her blog was always great.

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Monday, 14 May 2018

Central Coast Comicon 2018

Here’s a non-lolita post, and a long one with lots of pictures, so consider yourself warned! And carry on if you want to read about my first foray into cosplaying at a convention.

So, a bit of backstory first. In 2016 some enterprising souls decided that the Central Coast deserved its own Comicon as a fundraising venture for youth mental health (I’m not sure if other conventions are for charity or for profit, so I don’t know if or how that affects things) and so Central Coast Comicon (C4 hereonin for easier typing) was born. I went that year – it was tiny! Held in the function hall of the local League’s Club with very little going on it was still heavily attended. Last year they moved venue to the local Showground but I lost track of time and didn’t end up going. This year, however, the ever talented Nat decided to have a stall in the Artist’s Alley so I committed nice and early to actually going.

I also decided to cosplay! For all my love of costumes and characters I’ve never actually done a proper cosplay before, so this was something new for me. Given that I’m fat right now, I decided that Rose Quartz from Steven Universe was a good choice. Also because it’s a comparatively simple costume – lots of ruffles, but not a complicated structure – I figured it was a good “beginner” cosplay. And I was mostly right! Keyword: mostly.

I did end up sewing the majority of it in the week before the convention (go procrastination!) and unfortunately on the Friday night I finished it all (sans star and gem), tried it on, and it was too big! I tried to take it in and it just did not work at all. The bodice was a horrible mess so I did the only sensible thing – decided to thrown on my Mr Universe shirt and do the “Story for Steven” version of Rose Quartz.

Photo by The Enthusiast <3

By an awesome stroke of luck James got access to a studio over the weekend of the convention, so we did a quick shoot before I went to make sure I had some good photos just in case (which turned out to be a very good idea, more on that later). I’ll be posting more to my facebook page if you want to see. I also have some WIP shots of the cosplay and assorted other photos in my Rose Quartz album there.

I’m rambling, so let’s cut ahead to Saturday May 5, the day of C4. I woke up, did my make-up, then went with James to the studio. Took photos, had fun, and then he dropped me at the Showground. I got my ticket scanned and received my wristband and program, then walked in through the gates. Immediately I was pretty overwhelmed, so I focused on finding the Artist’s Alley, which took me several consultations of my map and a bit of confusion…all to go into a building about fifty metres from the entrance! I had a bit of trouble making my way around all day because the wig was so big I had severe tunnel vision, and also I made my skirt too long so I had to do the classic kick walk to make my way around (more on that later). But anyway, I found Nat soon enough, deposited my bag and went on my way.

Since I was there, I started browsing the Artist’s Alley and immediately bought a book from the stall next to Nat then continued to check out some of the stalls. In the end I actually bought four novels, a novella, and a colouring book over the course of the day. I really love reading and also, as an aspiring writer myself, I wanted to support local authors. Here’s a shot of the books I ended up with!

I soon realised a lot of sellers would not have card payment options, so I drifted outside to the ATM. I had fun getting money, as the ATMs were in a trailer with a roof low enough that my wig wouldn’t fit, then continued to explore the rest of the convention. As I wandered, I got asked for a lot of photos, which made me really happy. And after a little bit I got confident enough to ask cosplayers for photos as well. Here’s a little collage of some of the excellent cosplayers from the day.

I won’t talk to much about what was at the convention, but there was a lot to see. There was an Artist’s Alley hall, another hall for merchandisers, an area with LARP groups and similar (including demonstrations and activities), muscle cars, an anime bus, an area with food stalls, a cosplay zone (which wasn’t much of anything, but still, it existed) and a lot of bigger stands in separate marquees. There was also a gaming hall with Lego displays, but I didn’t go there. I though there was a good mixture of independent people and stalls, big ones that obviously go around to a lot of conventions, as well as the typical “local” things like one of the radio stations and the Scouts. There was something going on the main stage all day, and musicians and circus performers were sporadically doing their thing in different places. Everyone I spoke to was nice!

The socks and tote bag were freebies!

Mostly I spent the day wandering around. I signed up for the cosplay competition (because why not!), ate a deep-fried spiralised potato on a stick, and browsed almost every stall there was (and bought a few more things). I ran into a friend, which was fun, and had a good chat with one of the LARP groups. Turns out they’re planning to start a chapter near me, and I think I’ll go if they do!

I stole a LARP sword! 
One of the LARPers removed his glove to take this photo for me ^__^

I also spent a decent amount of time sitting behind Nat’s stall, resting my feet! She had her streaming set up on the table with a laptop turned to face the walkway so you could see close up whatever she or her partner Luke were painting at the time. It really grabbed people’s attention, and she’s planning a bigger and better version of the set up next time. Mostly I just smiled and nodded to passers-by but on the occasions where I went into “stall holder” mode and talked to people I always directed people’s attention to my all-time favourite bit of painting she’s done.

How nuts are those wings?

It’s funny; the first C4 in 2016 had Night Haunter as a cosplay guest, who James and I have worked with a few times (and who is a really great guy). So back in 2016 I ended up manning his stand for a while too so that he could get some lunch. My style remains the same – professing my ignorance about the subject matter but gush about their talent ^__^

After a little while it was time for the cosplay contest pre-judging, so I went to the cosplay zone, collected my registration form, and stood in line for pre-judging. Unfortunately, things were running behind schedule (and also took ages) so I was standing in line for way too long. When the time came for my pre-judging, the judges basically asked which parts I made and which I bought, I explained why my hem was fraying, and that was it. I then had my photo taken and then milled around uncertainly, because all the other cosplayers were going in different directions. I wandered up to a Poison Ivy cosplayer (we exchanged Facebook pages later, so here’s a link to her!) to find out what we were meant to be doing, and together we drifted closer to the stage. Very soon all the cosplayers had to go up on stage in a big group, and while we stood there (awkwardly) the winners were announced. I will say that I’m a little annoyed that both second and first place went to people in postapocalyptic costumes, rather than actual cosplay. I mean, they looked cool, but there was some pretty good cosplays there on the day that I think deserved it more. But oh well.

The convention was nearly done at this point so I gathered up my things, said a temporary goodbye to Nat and Luke, and found a seat near the main stage to await the Mews Love Live performance. I really love Love Live (the anime, that is, not the game) so I had been really keen for this and it was very fun to watch. After that, I drifted outside to wait for James to come pick me up. After I got home, I got out of my costume and promptly collapsed for the rest of the day.

Now before I wrap up I’ll mention the big downer for me which is that I managed to ruin my costume. Because I made the skirt too long (I mean, I wanted it long, but I went too far) and also not doing any more finishing than a basic hem, I managed to rip out the hem of my lowest ruffle as I walked around. Which then proceeded to fray ridiculously, and due to the event being in a showground and me walking over some grass and leaves and what have you the threads tangled with debris from the ground into a big, horrible mess. Which kept getting caught under my shoes. Ugh. In addition to that, my wig fringe and beehive section got messier and messier, so by the time I got home I just ripped it all off and tossed it on our worktable. I was really bummed about it, because I put so much work into the costume, and after a few days of thought I came to a decision. I will not be fixing the cosplay, nor re-making. For now, I’m done with Rose Quartz.

Only did one photoshoot, but it was an epic one!
Photo by The Enthusiast <3

Which is a bit sad, but I’m still so proud of myself for finishing it and wearing it and now I feel like I can cosplay, if I want to, and that’s just great. But yeah, fixing Rose would involve a whole new bodice, fixing the skirt (or doing a new one, now I know why people don’t use chiffon for her), as well as a whole new wig (I wasn’t happy with the colour or shape) and that’s just too much for me right now. I learned a lot doing her, and would certainly do a better job if I re-made it, but for my next cosplay I want to do something new...and I don’t want to do another one for a little while!

As a final note on the cosplay I wanted to say that my gem (which due to the bodice issues I didn’t end up using) was 3D printed beautifully painted by Nat aka EVA Studios. I am bummed I didn’t get to use it, so I wanted to share a photo! I also want to say that James was an awesome help, and went to find me fabric while I was at work when I thought I’d run out. It turns out I was just having a silly moment and forgot I already owned the right stuff so it was a waste of his time (and I feel so bad about that) so I just wanted to mention that he’s an awesome fiancĂ©. He was meant to come with me to C4 but was too sick, which was a massive bummer, but there’s always next year!

Not the best photo, this is about a quarter as good as it looks IRL.

All in all I had a really fun day, and enjoyed cosplaying a lot. More than I was expecting too, to be honest. I am a people person once I get started, so being in a costume that was recognisable really helped me get over my social barriers. The only downside of enjoying myself at C4 is now I’m thinking of going to more conventions, and already thinking up potential cosplays… ^__^

PS If there are any Steven Universe readers on this blog...OMG the newest episode! I can't believe the timing...

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

AYWI30C #4: A monochrome outfit

It feels like so long since my last post in this series! I feel a bit embarrassed, coming up with my own blogging challenge then taking a very long time to complete it…but what can I say, there were lots of things I needed to post in April! But oh well, I’m here now, exploring my wardrobe ^__^

The fourth prompt in Around Your Wardrobe in 30 Coordinates is monochrome. Now, I could have gone solid colour monochrome with an 100% black outfit, but black photographs terribly, so instead I wanted to run with brown. And because I’m me – fawn fur.

For this coordinate I wanted to use a whole lot of mis-matched fawn fur and go in a bit of a cute direction, despite the foundation dress leaning more classic than sweet. And I think I did a pretty good job. I love that I’m using fawn fur from three (maybe four) different sources and it still all looks nice together.

It was weird for me to not add more flowers to a floral but I really enjoyed running with bows as the secondary motif. Bows are such fun to add to everything!

I also really loved getting to pull out my fawn fur gloves for this coordinate. They are so cute, and so ridiculous, I love them.

The only thing in this outfit that breaks the monochrome is the bag. But that’s okay, I’m not a person who gets fussed over having bags that match completely. As long as they gel well aesthetically, which this does, it’s fine by me. I mean, sure, it breaks the monochrome “rule” of this prompt, but I didn’t have anything that matched properly! And of all my not-matching handbags, this one worked the best.

All in all I love this outfit and I really, really want to wear it sometime soon!

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Coordinates from March - April 2018

So I think I will keep up with posting coordinate roundups ever two months, rather than every three. I like to be regular and I think I'm wearing lolita frequently enough to warrant it. So here's what I wore in the months of March and April. I continued from my prolifically lolita February by wearing lolita on both days of the first weekend in March...

On the Saturday James and I went out to the jewellers to pick up his engagement ring, and proceed to announce our engagement on Facebook. It was so fun! We kind of forgot that it was news to everyone, so we really enjoyed all the happy and surprised reactions (and one "Hell, it's about time!") we got. And, on a lolita note, my skirt made for a great ring photo background!

Skirt: Bodyline
Cutsew: The Floral Notebook
Bag: Axes Femme
Headbow: Baby, the Star Shine Bright
All else: Taobao or offbrand

James took lots of pretty pictures of me too, so I'm sharing a close up as well as the full body shot!

The next day when I eventually rolled out of bed and into the kitchen to make tea, Nat spontaneously asked if we wanted to try a new place for brunch with her and Luke. We did, so the household got itself together and went on a Sunday drive and brunch, which was lovely. Even if, by the time we got to the place, they were serving their lunch menu! What can I say...weekends are for sleeping in!

OP: Metamorphose temps de fille Egg Art
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Shoes & Socks: Bodyline
Hairclip: Offbrand

As you would have seen, I did an Easter photoshoot this year and of course I wore lolita for it! I had an egg print and bought bunny ears to match and overall I loved the cute look I pulled together. Also, this is my first photoshoot and first lolita outfit with my latest haircut – back to short after about five years of growing it and oh my goodness, I’d forgotten how much better short hair is for me!

OP: Metamorphose temps de fille Egg Art
Socks & Shoes: Bodyline
Bunny ears: Cutie Creator
Hair bows: Taobao/offbrand
Necklace: Taobao
Wristcuffs: Handmade
Bracelets: Angelic Pretty/Chocomint/offbrand

And if you want to see the rest of the pictures from this shoot, please check out my Facebook page. As usual, photos are by my lovely fiancé.

I then started April right by organising a meet for the Newcastle community on Easter Monday. I wrote a little about the meet here and this is what I wore! I am trying to wear the main pieces that I haven’t had a chance to yet so I decided on Shirring Princess for this meet. I also had never worn that bolero out before, or the headbow, so I’m pretty pleased with myself in that regard.

JSK & bolero: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Bodyline
All else: Taobao/offbrand (and one bow from Me Likes Tea)

The following weekend James and I had another appointment with out jeweller to go over our wedding rings and since I wore lolita both previous times we had met with them I figured I should keep up the trend. It was also a good opportunity to wear one of my new Madillustration brooches. Oddly enough, despite having owned both for quite a while I had never actually worn this blouse and JSK together before, so all in all I was really happy with this outfit.

JSK, blouse & shoes: Bodyline
Wristcuffs & bag: Angelic Pretty
Headbow: Taobao
Brooch: Madillustration
Bracelet: Chocomint
Socks: Offbrand

Then on Friday the thirteen we casually celebrated at work so I wore an all black simple lolita outfit. Very toned down, because work, but I liked it and I got a few compliments as well!

Skirt: Victorian Maiden
Cutsew: The Black Ribbon
Shoes & Socks: Bodyline
Flowers: Taobao/offbrand

So that's me for the past two months! I'm pleased that I'm keeping up with wearing lolita more regularly, and that I'm expanding my horizons a bit with new coordinates making sure I wear some of the pieces I haven't worn yet or don't wear often.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: April 2018

I really do like reading other people's blogs. Like, a lot. And I hope you'll enjoy reading these posts from the last month as well!

Wa Lolita VI – Kimono + dress
I don't know if I'll ever try wa lolita, but if I do I know what blog I'm turning to for guidance on how to do a good job! This post even has an explanatory gif!

Finding harmony in Lolita Fashion and the Konmari method from Justine Chantelle
This was an interesting read, especially because it emphasised that true konmari is not just minimalism, but keeping only the things that make you happy. And who's to say that you can't have lots of things that make you happy?

Easter in Wales from Cupcake Kamisama
Have you ever worn lolita for every day of a holiday? I certainly haven't...but now I'm kind of inspired to give it a try next time I'm on a short holiday.

2014: 4 Stages of Lolita Pregnancy from RuffleClouds Adventures
This post was an interesting look at how the blogger wore lolita whilst pregnant. Every so often this is topic that gets brought up online so I thought it was a good post to share.

Winter Favourites! ~ from Petite Tomoyo
Cute lifestyle posts like this make me really happy, I like getting a glimpse into people's lives.

Angelic Pretty Otome Tutu Doll - A photoshoot by the lake (again)! from Ruban Rose
Seeing other people's lolita photoshoots always makes me want to go out and do more of my own. And this shoot is so pretty, she looks so happy and also, coord is on point!

UFO Friday from Hedgefairy Tales
I love reading about the modifications people make to their lolita items! It gives me the courage to proceed with my own...

Velvetree CD release from Auris Lothol
Sharing this because...a lolita band?!?! Yes! I'd never heard of Velvetree (unsurprising, because when do you ever hear about starting out bands in other countries?) but I took a listen on Bandcamp and I like. Also, as usual, the blogger's coord is very cute!

Mimicking Old School Photos from Cynical Neo-Princessism
I really enjoy this lolita's old school coords. I mean, I wouldn't ever wear genuine frumpy old school like she (and some other girls) does but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy her dedication to this aesthetic.

Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, 27 April 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Coord For An Event You Wanted To Attend But Couldn’t

I love dreaming up coordinates for all kinds of occasions, so I leapt on this LBC topic! I decided to come up with a coord for the event “any Rufflecon ever” because I very much wish I could have attended one of them, but the whole “being on the other side of the planet” kind of makes that a bit impossible! Now, I know there were different themes in different years, but given that Rufflecon was focussed on more alternative fashions than just lolita I wanted to pull together a look in my favourite style combo – steampunk lolita.

I decided to use my trusty Lyris Design underbust JSK because I have done steampunk lolita looks with it before and loved it. I actually nearly always pair this dress with this offbrand blouse, but I decided to fancy it up a bit with an Innocent World bolero. Of course I needed to use my beloved steampunk boots which paired nicely with my new AP OTKS. A bowler hat made for a good headwear option and the Innocent World corsage was just pretty, no real thematic justification for it, just prettiness! I finished the look off with my octopus necklace that James made for me years ago – like the boots, it’s one of my perennial steampunk pieces that just works with everything.

Having put this look together I’m really excited to wear it, or something similar, soon. I love steampunk with lolita, and if Rufflecon was ever an event that was feasible for me to attend, I like to think this is what I would have worn.

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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Mercari (and more) haul

As I mentioned I'm planning to wear lolita for my wedding day and I happened to find my intended dress (AP's Dramatice Rose JSK in ivory) really quickly on Mercari. You all know me, I never just buy one thing, so I ended up getting quite a haul in from Mercari (and Angelic Pretty directly).

Given that I found Dramatic Rose on Mercari, I had to use Japonica as my shopping service and they were fine. I still find their emails a bit confusing, but they get the job done! They also handled the consolidation of four orders with nary a hiccup. For reference, because I hadn't seen this information online before, if you place multiple orders under one email address via their site, they will automatically consolidate them for you and send you an updated order email that contains everything. Very handy! The only downside is that I had been avoiding sites like Mercari and Fril as they were new to me, and thus terrifying, but now they are familiar…and filled with so many wonderful bargains…

Anyway, onto the haul! Obviously, the first item is the Dramatic Rose JSK in ivory, which came with the matching canotier. The dress is in perfect condition, apparently there were meant to be some small stains but I haven’t found them yet, and it is so beautiful in real life! A little more ivory than the stock photos indicate, which is exactly what I wanted. I don’t like the canotier at all, I find it aesthetically awkward, difficult to wear as there are no combs or clips, and the flowers seem very cheap. But I didn’t buy this for the canotier, so I don’t really mind. And besides, the dress really is gorgeous and so very detailed.

But, in sad news, I think I’m still too tall for this dress. As I have to lose weight to fit it I haven’t been able to try it on properly, but holding it up to my body it’s just not right. It’s not just that the skirt is too short (because underskirts exist) but the bodice is too short for my torso. I’ll admit, I’m pretty bummed about that because I loved the idea of this as my wedding dress but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. I’ll have a think about it but currently it’s looking like a no. I’ll still hang on to it though, because a slightly too short bodice is something I don’t mind too much regularly in lolita even though it is something I don’t want for my wedding day.

Moving back into a happier mood, I also stumbled on a full back shirred Innocent World onepiece. Innocent World that will fit me? Sign me up! This is the Angel Tiered OP in brown and while it's not a print I'd ever really been aware of before it felt like it would be a good addition to the "easy to wear" side of my wardrobe. Much as I love JSKs I'm finding myself reaching for skirts or OPs more often when wearing lolita casually. It’s a very pretty dress but to my surprise it doesn’t fit…and you know why? The arms! Memo to any larger girls wanting to try full back shirred IW; it may fit around your body but it mightn’t fit around the arms! Oh well, it’s only a bit too tight so I’ll be able to wear it soon and I think I’ll wear it a lot.

Then I saw this cute little AP cutsew (the Berry Garden Print T-Shirt) and again it was a no brainer. Black with berries for just 999 yen - how am I supposed to resist that? To my great surprise and joy this actually fits me! It’s tight and a bit short but wow, I can’t believe the stretch this thing has. It’s so great! My only concern is the length, it may just be a bit too short on my torso (are you sensing a pattern here? I am!) but I’ll try cording it soon and see how we go. I hope it works out because I think printed cutsews are my new favourite thing and given that this matches my number one casual wardrobe theme I see it being very useful.

While browsing the AP section I also came across the Polka Dot Short Sleeve Parka for just a single yen more than the cutsew. Again, when temptation is perfect and cheap I just go for it! Like the cutsew, it fits, and I think it’s the cutest thing in my whole haul! I don’t have anything like it and I am so glad I bought it. Short sleeved hoodies are something I love in casual wear, so I’m really chuffed to it and who knows, I may end up wearing it outside of lolita as well.

I also bought another pair of ivory lace topped OTKS from Angelic Pretty because I made the mistake of putting my last pair through the wash instead of hand-washing and they came out kind of grey. Not going to lie, I was so disappointed I almost cried. Thank goodness I'm an adult with a good job so I can easily afford a replacement but man, that was way more soul crushing than it ought to have been. But on James's suggestion I'm going to try dying the damaged pair so who knows, it may end up being a blessing in disguise, depending on how the dye job turns out.

I then found this super cute brown with ivory lace Metamorphose cardigan, I think it's the Double Frill Lace Cardigan from 2005. I didn't really need another piece of brown outerwear, but it was cute and still different enough from anything else I have that I thought it was a good buy. Unfortunately though it’s a bit short on the sleeves for me and I’m in the process of deciding if that’s a deal breaker for me. I think it is, which is a bummer, but oh well. That’s what you get buying online and there’s a swap meet next month anyway so no big deal!

I also took a dive into the world of burando shoes! Again from Meta, these are currently unidentified but that doesn't matter. I didn't necessarily need these shoes, but I don't own an ivory flat so they're not an entirely frivolous purchase! And they turned out to be my unexpected favourite purchase of this haul. They fit perfectly and are comfortable, but more than that they are just such a typically lolita shoe. The little wooden sole, the scalloped edges, the ankle straps - they’re just perfect and I love them way, way more than I was expecting too. Do you ever come across an item that just make you feel like a proper lolita, some weird nix of nostalgia and excitement? These shoes did it for me.

Now, I thought I was done then, and I was for a little, but I can't keep myself from browsing when I have an open order and I stumbled upon this Maxicimam bolero which I couldn't resist. It fills a wardrobe gap! As a note, Japonica once again confirmed with me that the item description indicated wear and checked if I wanted to go ahead with the order, which is a good bit of customer service (and honestly, the bolero is fine, like seriously, what wear?). The bolero is a perfect fit and while a bit unexciting on its own I’m very glad to have it.

Overall I’m very happy with my new set of wardrobe additions, though I am a bit down about Dramatic Rose. But I got some great new pieces so it’s all good! I do feel a bit bad for not sticking more firmly to my “limited spending” goal for the year though, so I’m going to try very hard not to indulge any further for a while. I also want to focus on wardrobe diversity a bit more and get some items in a broader colour palette. We’ll see how it goes!

Have you added anything to your lolita wardrobe lately?